Cheat Code #20 : See-through Heat Maps

Googling "see-through" might give you NSFW results. But using see-through heat maps in will definitely give you meaningful geospatial insights for your city and make look like a geo-genius. So check out this awesome new shortcut #20.

Question: How can I see through the overlaid heat maps to view the map features beneath? 

Cheat Code # 20: The "Settings" panel in has the heat map controls to change the opacity, intensity, and size of the heatmap for any census block or custom-drawn shape.  

Long Answer: Heat maps are an essential visualization element in You might recollect that cheat code #19 showed you how to zoom in and view the people density heat maps for census blocks or custom shapes in your city. After the heat map is displayed, you still might want to know what lies beneath. In other words, you might want to see the physical features, places, streets, freeways, transit routes, buildings, businesses, zones, parks, arenas that intersect with your heat map but might be obfuscated by the colors of your overlaid heatmap.

The "Settings" panel in CityDash enables you to adjust the heat map so you can see right through. Click the blue "Settings" button on the right to view the "Settings" panel. Look for the "Heat Maps" section. Select and slide the "Opacity" control to adjust the opacity of the heat map. Moving the slider to the left will reduce the opacity or increase the transparency of the heat map, and therefore increase the visibility of the base map features. If you slide the control all the way to the left, the heat map will entirely disappear. is the ultimate platform for anonymized and aggregated daily data insights about people presence, activity, and movement for every block and every neighborhood in your city. With data for over 1000 cities worldwide, sets the standard for geospatial insights for the public sector.

The best part is that is free to sign up. Government agencies, NGOs, academia, and non-profits can explore the platform at no cost. is powered by LOTaDATA, a San Francisco based startup that is featured in the GovTech 100 list for 2019, an exclusive list of innovative companies that provide technology products for the public sector. CityDash makes it easy for city leaders to make data-driven decisions to create social impact and engage with local communities. We are your Chief Data Officer in the cloud. We combine public and private data to unlock deep insights that were previously inaccessible to city departments. Our AI platform, technology, and service are designed to make cities smarter.

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