Podcast 1 : CityDash.ai Movement Insights and COVID-19 Transmission

LOTaDATA CEO, Apu Kumar and Head of LATAM Business, Lucas Maffioli recently sat down to talk about how the anonymized and aggregated people-movement insights in CityDash.ai can correlate to COVID-19 confirmed case counts. You can watch the full podcast below.

LOTaDATA recently started analyzing their data for Italy, Spain and other countries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to understand anonymized people-movement patterns and correlations with the transmission of the pathogen. Social interactions and movements are the key drivers for the spread of the virus. By providing anonymized and aggregated information about the movement of people, LOTaDATA enables local, regional, and federal governments to better monitor the adherence to quarantine policy and helps individuals protect themselves by avoiding crowded areas.

CityDash.ai is the ultimate platform for anonymized and aggregated privacy-compliant daily data insights for every census block and every neighborhood in your city. With data for over 1450 cities worldwide, we set the standard for geospatial intelligence for the public sector.

The best part is that CityDash.ai is free to try. Government agencies, NGOs, academia, and non-profits can explore the platform at no cost. Telco operators, infrastructure developers, urban planning firms, consulting services, energy, and utility companies can license the white-label CityDash.ai platform for their downstream customers.

Powered by LOTaDATA

CityDash.ai is powered by LOTaDATA, a San Francisco based startup that has been featured in the GovTech 100 list for 2018, 2019, and 2020, an exclusive list of innovative companies that provide technology products and solutions for the public sector. LOTaDATA provides People Intelligenceā„¢ as a service for smarter cities and real-world businesses. We combine public and private data to unlock deep insights that were previously inaccessible to city departments. LOTaDATA makes it easy for city leaders to make data-driven decisions to create social impact and engage with local communities. Our AI platform, technology, and service are designed to make cities smarter, safer, and sustainable.

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