Geospatial AI for Programmatic

This is the busiest time of the year, so it’s taken me a few weeks to process and reflect upon all of the events that were packed into Programmatic IO in New York City this past October 25th & 26th. For those of you unable to attend, we bring you our favorite highlights from #progIO. When they said the event had grown, they weren’t kidding.

With an ambitious two day schedule packed full with presentations, forums on best practices, networking breakouts and panel discussions at the Times Square Marriott, October’s conference was very well attended with a sold-out crowd packing ballrooms, lounges and vendor booths on multiple floors.

What does a good DSP look like?

My favorite discussion was "What Does A Good DSP Look Like?”. Kevin Mannion, Chief Strategy Officer for Advertiser Perceptions, shared his insights about the top DSPs like DBM aka DoubleClick Manager and Amazon Advertising Platform that have leveraged the “halo effect” and catapulted to the top of the DSP list.

For the past couple of years, we’ve heard concerns voiced about page load time with the addition of header-bidding tags, menus-based measurement, brand surveys tied to viewable impressions for TV and video ad campaigns, measuring what actions consumers take after viewing ads and ensuring increased accuracy and accountability across the board. With the thinning of the herd of DSPs, we have observed an emergence of cross-device programmatic ad platforms with an emphasis on measuring success on post-click behavior.

In retrospect, I also enjoyed the panels on Ad Quality, Data Accuracy, and Transparency. They were timely considering LotaData's post on location data accuracy measurement that was released just prior to the conference.

One could hardly come away from #progIO without picking up on the fact that the two biggest and most ubiquitous topics were location data and artificial intelligence.

AI is no longer frontier tech that we philosophize about. It’s a reality that everyone needs to be getting a handle on, and it was deemed so important that this year there was an entire track dedicated to the use of Artificial Intelligence in the ecosystem.

AI for audience insights and segmentation?

Presentations and panels ranged from demand-side perspectives to sell-side trends. Mark Dispensa (CTO of Equals 3) & Catherine Cottle (VP, Group Director, Insights Intelligence at Havas) talked about audience resonance and real-world examples of how AI is helping the demand-side with segmentation in their excellent panel Demand-Side Perspective: AI To Drive Audience Insights And Segmentation.

All of this brings us to audience data that is truly actionable. LotaData is an AI platform that specializes in location data services. We leverage our AI to provide actionable intelligence to our customers that consists of places visits, brand affinities, consumer patterns, behavioral context, inferred interests/moods, commutes, and events. We are predictive and programmatic, performing real-time context analysis within milliseconds for programmatic integration.

We use our AI-powered, cloud-based platform to produce premium geo-segments and to help our partners to determine which audience segments will best power sales and improve their brand(s).

Reach out, and I’d be happy to help you enrich or leverage your data, equip you with visual analytics via GeoX or provide you with premium geo-segments.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, a prosperous Black Friday and a blockbuster Holiday Season!

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